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FM CIRCULATOR MAT        $ 49.95
A quick 2 minute routine marching with the feet on this mat provides stimulation to almost all reflexology reflexes on the bottom and sides of the feet. The mat is made of a durable rubber with small cones pointing upwards creating a pressure point experience for the foot. The weight of the body on the mat provides the pressure. As you begin to work with the mat, it is advised that you do the 2 minute routine with socks on to give your foot time to get used to the pressure points. The mat is not intended as a replacement for a reflexology treatment by a qualified reflexologist. However it does stimulate many of the foot reflexes and massages the muscles of the bottom of the foot. It is helpful for those individuals who stand or walk all day as part of their job or for anyone who would like to add it to their relaxation routine. Once accustomed to using the mat, many clients move the mat to their shower or kitchen so that it becomes part of their daily routine. Although clients tell us that this product is very useful, we are in no way prescribing, diagnosing, promoting or implying that using this mat is a treatment for a medical problem. For any health concerns, you should always consult with, and follow, the advice of your medical doctor. Use the mat as advised in the instruction sheet and at your own risk. Please contact us for any questions you have.

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