Reiki Healing Toronto - LEARN REIKI IN A DAY
           REIKI 1ST DEGREE

Your first reiki level will introduce you to the nature of reiki, its definition, history and how to offer yourself, family and  friends a short chair session or a healing  one hour reiki treatment. The workshop includes the following:
  •  Definition of reiki
  •  History of reiki
  •  Learning to play with energy
  •  Grounding meditations
  •  Reiki Precepts
  •  Chakras and the Subtle Body
  •  Gassho meditation
  •  Two attunements to reiki
  •  Self healing routine & practice
  •  Chair reiki routine & practice
  •  Energy clearing techniques
  •  Grounding & setting intentions
  •  Hand positions for full session
  •  Give & receive 60min reiki session
  •  Reiki for animals, plants etc
  •  1st Degree Reiki MANUAL
  •  Reiki 1st Degree CERTIFICATE

This course qualifies you for membership in the Canadian Reiki Association.
           REIKI 2ND DEGREE

In your second level, you will be introduced to three reiki symbols that
allow you to work with the reiki energy more intensely, offer emotional and mental healing and send distant healing energy.The workshop includes:
  • Reiki level 2 attunement
  • Grounding meditations
  • Review of 1st degree reiki
  • Introduction to symbols
  • How to integrate symbols into a treatment
  • Practice using symbols
  • Distant healing practice session
  • Give & receive 60min reiki session
  • Clearing addiction/negative habits
  • Byosen scanning
  • Meditation on the symbols
  • Using crystals with reiki
  • Keeping your energy clear
  • Ways to volunteer with reiki
  • 2nd Degree Reiki MANUAL
  • Reiki 2nd Degree CERTIFICATE

Please email if you are interested in   studying your MASTER LEVEL.

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